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Please complete the form and our Partnership team will connect to provide you more information on how to become partner with BCI Innvocation Labs. 

Working with BCI Institute

Once accepted as a recruitment agent by BCI, all collaborative partners are entitled to sell all BCI products including Diploma programs, Tech Accelerator programs, Summer Schools programs and Bespoke programs for third party organisations.

After becoming a collaborative partner with BCI you will be recognized each year as part of our BCI Agent Performance Awards. Agents have the opportunity to become:

  • Platinum service provider – running a collection of sales funnels with special incentives
  • Gold service provider – individual sales funnels
  • BCI Innovation and LLI programs


Each level of membership comes with its own rewards and incentives:

For example our Platinum members can become eligible for:

  • Free student places when they show repeated growth in their achieving annual targets.
  • Sponsored trips to Canada for continuous professional development
  • Access to preferred course pricing of incentives


Upon receipt of your inquiry we will send you a more detailed information pack with additional information about the contract we have with recruitment agents and fee arrangements.  We will arrange a brief discovery call to discuss agent partnership opportunities with
you and your organization.